Wax Paper

The Kefir that is produced by Kefir Grains is very acidic. This is why it can be problematic to store Kefir in metal containers or use metal items to process kefir, the Kefir may disolve (eat away) at the metal. The disolved metals will then be in the Kefir, which is to be avoided.

I recommend using mason jars to store and ferment Kefir. The metal mason jar lids will disolve. Using heavy duty wax paper over the mason jar, and under the lid, does a great job keeping the Kefir from coming into contact with the lid.

The following heavy duty "deli" wax paper is what I use. Using the edge of my kitchen counter I tear the sheets into quarters, each quarter is just the right for a widemouth Mason Jar. Each box contains 500 sheets, tearing each sheet into quarters, results in 2000 peices. So each box lasts a very long time!

I have never found a supermarket roll of wax paper that worked very well, they were always too thin and fragile to serve the desired purpose.