PROCESSING: Non Contact Thermometer

In most cases, Kefir Grains react to sudden changes (such as large temperature changes) by decreasing their Kefir production rate. This applies to using cold milk from the fridge to feed your Kefir Grains each day. To maintain consistant results milk should be warmed to close to the chosen fermentation temperature. I leave our raw milk out on the kitchen counter for a few hours before processing the days Kefir. This has never been a problem for the raw Goat and raw Cow milk I purchase.

Non Contact Thermometers are very inexpensive these days and make it quick and easy to determine temperate of your milk without opening the container. It is also a great way to sanity check the operation of your fermentation cooler, and also a very quick way to find an area in your home of the desired temperature (if you do not use a cooler). Use this device to make sure your milk is within a few degrees, higher or lower, of the desired fermentation temperature. This will maintain constant behavior of your Kefir Grains.