Spoon, with holes in it

Some suggest using stainless steel strainers, some suggest wood, some suggest plastic. These days a lot of "stainless steel" is not the same "stainless" our moms would have considered acceptable when she purchased kitchen items.

Some are concerned with monomers leaching from plasticware. For items like the spoon it seems so difficult it know a quality item has been purchased that I have given up on this issues. Do what you think is right!

I decided on a plastic spoon that I found had the perfect hole size and shape for what I wanted to achieve. The suggested spoon was not picked at random. Many spoons and strainers have been tried. This spoon has an excellent hole size that makes straining easy for small and large Kefir Grain sizes.

And just as important, the size of the hole ALLOWS small slow growing Kefir Grains to be "lost" in the filtering process. I have realized saving all the Kefir Grains each day is NOT the best thing to do!

About once per week, sometimes twice, I cut up my grains to be about pea size or smaller. This size is small enough to pass through this spoons holes. The day after I cut up the Kefir Grains I typiically filter out just enough for the next batch, a very large percentage of grains are lost in the previous days Kefir. When this started happening I found the Kefir quality improved, at least for my tastes. I also found the so called "flat grains", disappeared, and its important to point out that flat grains are the same as the other grains its just that Kefir Grains first form in a flat sheet state. So again, my process tends to favor survival of the existing fastest growing grains. I have noted the fewer flat grains there are in your Kefir Grains the less the chance your Kefir will have a sharp flavor to it.


On the left is a picture of the spoon I have used for years. It appears to be unavailable now. This Spoon was made by OXO and purchased from Bed Bath and Beyond. If you can find one of these buy it!

As you can see the holes are not round they are elongated but I do not think that matters.

The narrow dimension of the hole is 11/64 inch. If you drill a thin solid plastic spoon with holes of this size it should work fine.

If you find this spoon, or one of similar hole size, avialable anywhere please send me a link so I can add the link to this page! Thank you!