I use grams for all of my measurements. When making adjustments to the amount of Kefir Grains I am using, I do so in 5 gram increments. I therefor suggest a scale that measure in single gram increments. The less kefir you make the more important a consistant measurement will be.

When I first started I found instructions for Kefir Grain use was always measure by volume. Once I changed to measuring by wieght I found my results were far more consistant. When filtering Kefir Grains I tap the spoon to knock off as much Kefir as possible before measuring the Kefir Grains. There will always be some Kefir on the Kefir Grains but this is ok, again we are looking for constancy, just knock off the Kefir as best you can and try to do it the same each time. When the Kefir Grains are mixed with Kefir in a measuing cup it can be very difficult to know home much is Kefir Grains.

It is also nice to be able to measure the Kefir Grains in a Bowl or the Fermentation Jar, for good accuracy this means the scale should measure up to 5 to 10 pounds. 

I make over a gallon of Kefir a day and I find the scales power saver feature must be at least 45 to 60 seconds minimum. Sometimes things just do not go right and its a pain to reset the scale and restart you measurement. Even if you just make a small amount of Kefir each day, I have been doing it for years and am pretty fast. I am confident everyone will benefit from a longer power saver timeout!

Unfortunately the scale I use is no longer available, but any scale should do. Here are some I have found that should serve you well: