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The above reference material is not offered to suggest that Kefir Grains are a miracle cure or some type of fountain of youth. The above material is offered with the suggestion that REMOVAL of such foods, after at least THOUSANDS of years of safe historical use, increases the chance of disease. Or bodies evolved consuming raw milk and fermented foods, and thus we experiance a return of health by consuming them.

Kefir Grains "cure" nothing.

This is a very dangerious concept to industries that profit from saying you have a "defective body" and thus you need their cures to "fix" your defective body. The promotes the idea that nutrition plays no role in disease processes.

Food is far cheaper than drugs and surgery, and you can "manufacture" food in your own backyard. If nutrition really is the primary issue for health, then health costs would drop dramatically and personal wealth would corespondingly increase dramatically.

Our bodies evolved under the care of mother nature, not chemists and scientists, or other ivory towered "authorities" who constantly communicate the idea they know more than mother nature. That after their personal or corporate decades of research, they know more than mother nature's BILLIONS of years of research ...

Remove natural and uncompromise foods from your diet at your own peril. Start a garden, or better yet, a greenhouse!