"Quick Start" overview of using Kefir Grains to make Kefir:
  1. Place Kefir Grains and warmed Raw Mail into glass fermentation Jar (Jar should be no more than 1/2 filled)
  2. Cover Jar opening with wax paper
  3. Place lid on Jar, loose or tight
  4. Place Jar in dark location at desired Fermentation Temperature
  5. Wait 24 hours (plus or minus a few hours is fine)
  6. Give jar a good shaking or stiring to help seperate the Kefir Grains from the Kefir
  7. Strain Kefir Grains from Kefir, place Kefir in fridge
  8. Measaure out Kefir Grains, save extra in Fridge
  9. Go to step 1

To INCREASE Fermentation:

  1. INCREASE amount of Kefir Grains, OR
  2. INCREASE Temperature, OR
  3. DECREASE amount of Raw Milk

To DECREASE Fermentation:

  1. DECREASE amount of Kefir Grains, OR
  2. DECREASE Temperature, OR
  3. INCREASE amount of Raw Milk

Helpful Hints:

  1. Try to hold temperature constant and very the amount of Kefir Grains and/or Raw Milk
  2. Kefir Grains do not like sudden temperature change, this is why milk should be warmed
  3. Periodically cutup the Kefir Grains to keep them small, at least once per week 
  4. Do not wash Kefir Grains
  5. Kefir making is a clean, not sterile, process, no need to wash fermentation jar every day, once a week seems to work for me 

NOTE WELL: The above steps are a quick overview. In order to produce consistantly enjoyable Kefir you must read the rest of the "How To" section. Once you have used Kefir Grains for a few weeks, your procedure will usually be the above steps and nothing more. Like anything else, when everything works right, there is little to do. When things start to change then there is some work to do. Kefir Grains are alive, slow changes over time are inevitable!