Just as there is no right way to us Kefir Grains to make Kefir, there are no right items to use to make Kefir. The items listed in this section are how I make Kefir. This is the list I share with others and it seems to quickly get them up and running. It works well for me, it is the way I have been doing it for years, so it is the best way I know to help others to feed Kefir Grains and make Kefir!

Through the years I have tried to come up with a fast way to make Kefir the same way each time. Reproducibility is important to me. Many of my suggestions for supplies take this into account to make your life easier no matter how you like your Kefir to taste!

If you choose to use the suggested items please consider using the links to purchase them. The cost will be the same as not using the link, but if you use the link I will receive a small comission to help pay website and server costs. Thank You!