Kefir grains are used to ferment Milk, not sugar water. Please understand that Kefir Grains when fed anything but milk. The "Kefir Grains" sold to make Kefir in anything but milk are NOT Kefir Grains. This Grains are something else and their use of the name "Kefir" creates unfortunate confusion.

Long ago Kefir Grains were used as a method to store Raw Milk at room temperature. Further, raw milk contains beneficial live components with interact with the Kefir Grains in a beneficial way. Thus the most natural way to use Kefir Grains is to use Raw Milk. I have used Raw Goat milk and Raw Cow Milk. There have been rare times that I ran out of Raw Milk and used Pasturized whole milk without any problems.

Kefir Grains will live in pasturized WHOLE milk or in Raw Milk. Skim milk will not properly feed the Kefir Grains, they will eventually die.

Remember, use of Kefir Grains can be looked at two ways:
1) You are using Kefir Grains to make Kefir for yourself.
2) You are feeding Kefir Grains to make Kefir for you.

I suggests you always think in terms of view number 2. Take great care of the Kefir Grains, food and environment, that is your first priority. Do that and everything else should work out fine.

A great place to find sellers of Raw Milk near you is the following website. This is the site I used to first find Raw Milk and as I have traveled have continued to use this site with great success!

A great site to learn more about Milk and Raw Milk is the Weston A Price Foundation: