Kefir Grains

Kefir Grains are generally available in a live (covered with milk and usually kept at room temperature) or dehydrated (covered with milk powder and usually kept refridgerated) form. In either case, when received, the Kefir Grains will be in an "unhappy" state and will take some days to return to normal. Live Kefir Grains should return to normal in just a few days, dehydrated Kefir Grains should return to normal after about a week. In either case use the Kefir Grains to follow the Kefir making procedure and dispose of the resulting "Kefir" until it looks like the pictures shown in the "How To" section.

Both live and dehydrated Kefir Grains can be obtained online. Dehydrated Kefir Grains can likely be purchased from local health food stored in their refridgerated section.

Live Kefir Grains can likely be purchase locally as well but may take some effort. It has been my experiance that people who consume raw milk often do so becuase they had a similar history as mine, or have a family member who had problems solved by ingesting raw milk and or Kefir. What this means is simple, find someone locally selling raw milk and you should easily find someone their making kefir! Kefir Grains grow at a rate of 10% to 30% per day, so anybody who makes Kefir has extra Kefir Grains each day, and can provide them to you!

If raw milk is not avilable in your area then finding someone with Kefir Grains may be difficult. In this case it will likely save a lot of time to purchase grains online.

Keep in mind Kefir Grains are very hard to kill, and very hard to compromise. This is why once you have your own Kefir Grains you should never have to obtain any even again. The one exception to this is heat, temperatures greater than 90 degree fahrenheit causes live Kefir Grains to disintegrate and thus become unusable. If you live in a hot area, then purchasing live Kefir Grains by mail is a bad idea do it during a cool season instead. Likewise if you obtain your grains from someone locally, do not leave them in a hot car for long. In my experiance, when live (not dehydrated) Kefir Grains are frozen they do seem to be significantly damaged but do return to normal after a week or more.