Mason Jar Label

Eventually you will give your Kefir away to others. As you make Kefir you will recognize how much carbon dioxide it produces. The is why your fermentation containers must never be filled more than 2/3 full, I never fill the jar more than half full for additional safety margin. Once you refregerate Kefir their metabolism will decrease and so to will carbon dioxide production.

When you give Kefir away to others you will want to label the jar to communicate to others the dangers of pressure buildup in the jars. After all, when you give Kefir away you will most likely fill the jar completely, and if it is kept refridgerated this is fine ..... But if someone leaves it out forgetting to put it in the fridge it may well EXPLODE! Below is the label I place on all my jars so that others know how to properly take care of the contents:


As a side note, this is also why commercial Kefir in stores is NOT the same thing as what you make at home. In order for Kefir to be distributed in our modern food logistics chain without fear of explosion, it need to be PASTURIZED! Therfor Kefir in stores is "dead kefir", it has been cooked and thus the probiotic components are no longer active as they were killed during the pasturization process. Many of the benefits of Kefir are retained after the death of the live components, so commercial Kefir still has benefits. I have purchased every brand of Kefir I have found in stores, I assure you home made Kefir tastes much better! And tastes better without need of adding anything else like fruits and other sweeteners.

If you do not have the time to make Kefir please do consume commercial Kefir and or Raw Milk! Consuming either is far better than consuming neither!