Temperature Controlled Cooler

Of all the variables you must control, temperature is the most difficult, this is also why purchasing a Non Contact Thermometer is a great idea!

During the year you will find it very difficult to maintain a consistant temperature of your Kefir Grains without some temperature controlling device. I have tried hard to make Kefir Grains very quick and easy to use, a temperature controlled cooler reduces time and effort a great deal! For this reason no one thing will simplify making Kefir than a Thermostatically Controlled Cooler!

If you keep your house at a very constant temperature throughout the year, or perhaps have a below grade room that stays at a very constant temperature, then do try to just leave a jar in that room and see if you like the results you obtain. Sometimes placing a tiny night light next to the jar will allow you to raise the temperature a few degrees in such a stable room.

I have used Kefir Grains within the temperature range of 68 to 70 degrees ferinheight. Yes, this is a very narrow range, but it ok for the temperature to vary a bit during the day and for this to be the average temp over the day. I have found the fermentation rate slows a lot below 60 degrees, and speeds up a lot above 70 degrees. The is a lot of taste change fermenting at 60 versus 70 degrees, and its all good! I ferment at the high end, at 70 degrees, this is my preference.

The cooler I recommend is sold for many different uses. When I purchased mine there was a listing for it as a temperature controlable cooler. That listing is now gone, but I have found a listing selling is as an incubator - Again, it is a virsitile cooler, don not worry about the use its sold for, its the same as mine:

It comes in many different colors and I have seen it with company soda brands on it as well. If it physically looks the same in shape inside and out, and has the same controls, its the same cooler!